Have You Ever Wondered...

  • Where can I find parenting information? I need specific tools and techniques.
  • What can I do, while my child is waiting for services? I don't what them to fall behind.
  • My child has a diagnosis, now what? Can someone help me prioritize?
  • Where can I find experienced specialists, who can listen and offer alternatives & support?

  • Mental Health literacy? I want to learn more and understand how I can support my child and my own wellness.
  • Special Needs? My child needs extra support at home and in their school.
  • Where can I get educational resources to help my child at home?

We believe that good information and support, that is immediate, relevant and research based, will provide you with the confidence and skills you need to move forward. We are a drop-in information center, committed to empower and support families, caregivers and children. Our programs and setting has been developed through close discussions, "FAMILY TALKS" and group meetings with our community. FERN is located in a beautiful heritage house - please get in touch to experience our community and how we can support you or your child.

What's Happening @ FERN



THE GATHERING ROOM will reopen!!

Details to follow soon.

 Limited spots...email or call us if you are interested.


The Yoga Kids continues in January. Read about our successful Saturday morning class here. A few spaces are still available .Please call to hold your spot. Classes start Jan 20th, 2018.


We are placing students in our FILL THE GAP program.

Is your child falling behind in phonemic awareness, reading, reading fluency and comprehension, writing difficulties, organizational skills or processing mathematical concepts? Does your child feel worried, anxious, stressed?

For more information on our successful academic remediation program please read more here or call us to book an assessment.

Times available Mondays thru Thursdays.



 Are you a FERN MEMBER?

Members receive reduced rates on programs and services.

Join today and start to save. Annual memberships are $125.00.

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