The SHINE workshop


FERN is a not-for-profit, professional and family driven resource and education center dedicated to providing support, materials, knowledge and guidance to families, caregivers and educators.

In response to the growing need in our community for information and resources, we have opened a site which provides immediate access to the most current and comprehensive resources, materials and information to support families and professionals in raising and teaching children. We love our new site- it is a warm and nurturing space. Families and children are welcomed into the space and can relax, use the kitchenette and find some quiet, while exploring our resources.

Currently, many of FERN’s resources are being borrowed by families and clinical teams to support home therapy for children with special needs. Our recent fundraising events have allowed us to purchase more materials and to expand our library and computer based supports. In response to families needs, FERN has expanded the library, including resources in the area of mental health, parent education and special needs technology.

In 2014, following discussions with many of our family members, a new initiative was started. This new program, FILL THE GAP Remediation, is currently running in 2 locations. We offer intensive remediation to students in the area of Language, Reading, Spelling, Math, Reasoning and Writing and Comprehension.