Our Saturday yoga program was such a hit! We will be starting a new session  January 20th, 2018. This is a small friendly class led by Jyoti from The Yoga Kids. Contact us if you would like more details about yoga @ FERN.
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Jyoti leads a wonderful class for children, her approach is gentle and warm and her passion for yoga is evident. Jyoti's class offers children the opportunity to learn simple poses and breathing techniques. As well as teaching these techniques, Jyoti encourages the children to use them as tools to self regulate and self love.
S.S., FERN parent
Thank you Jyoti, Dr. Laura, and Tina, for bringing this unique and restorative opportunity to the kids at FERN!  My daughter has loved every session - the ambiance, the activities and the kids made for a time where my daughter could relax, breathe and feel a renewed sense of joy!  She was always so happy to go, and returned home with a big smile on her face and ready to face her day!  I'm so glad The Yoga Kids program will be returning for the winter session!!!  We are really looking forward to it!!!

I can't recommend this program enough for every child (and adult)!!!

J.M., FERN parent

Saturday morning and The Yoga Kids was a real memory maker for me. Watching the girls get physically stronger by learning  challenging yoga poses was pretty awesome in itself. Having attempted a few very basic poses I know what seems to be a simple stretch is not as easy as it appears. So watching Ella who has very low muscle tone doing yoga was incredible.  But, perhaps the most “awe” inspiring was witnessing this physically strength through a state of complete and utter mental calmness alertness and focus. For me it truly was a “wow” moment! I could feel my eyes tear up listening to all the girls chant the rhythmic  melody of their daily affirmations. With each affirmation their physical strength was more and more apparent.
I Am Happy,  I am Good.
I Am Happy, I am Good.
I Am, I Am, I am Free,
Happy , Happy , Happy to be Me.
Talk about girl power!!!!!
K.G., FERN parent
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Let’s Re-Enchant Children with the Natural World


What do you do when you need restorative time? Go to a yoga class? Color? Knit? Have a glass of wine? These all work for me but none as much as connecting with nature.

So when Outdoor Educator Julia Morch knocked on our door at FERN we were all ears. Julia is the sort of […]

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Blue is ready to meet his friends ?

“Some things fill your heart without even trying.”
Blue is 6 weeks old. He will be joining us on our last day of  FILL THE GAP program on Monday June 26th. Blue will then be with us for summer and fall programming. He is a very special bunny – Dwarf Netherland. His temperament is calm, loving […]

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Headquarters for the Soul


While the March Break week brought us visits from scientists, furry animals, and story making by Mr.LEGO, it was the introduction of ‘ The Gathering Room’ to the kids at FERN that made the most meaningful impact.

We transformed the space of the front room into one of community and art making. With […]

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Self-regulation @ FERN

Hi Everyone- we are getting so many questions and interest in The Shanker Method and self-regulation. As most of our families know we are aligning with TMC and learning about the science of self-regulation. The Shanker Method is a 5 step process- and I have created a brief introduction to the First Step of […]

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Tuesday Mission:

We Are Better When We Are Together




Building Relationships -A 10 week after school program

To help create connections, community and friendships for our kids!

Our approach is unique and effective. We build on foundations of self-regulation and provide enrichment, learning and play through the arts and other recreational activities. We add therapeutic support from various specialists in the field of education, art, psychology and recreation.

Our programs attract a diverse group of students. Children who have been successful in our groups can typically participate in small group settings independent of a 1:1 teacher (ratio 1;4).  Children work in small groups, deepening their connections and interests with peers.  Groups combine work and play. This small group structure of an after-school program is designed and run by specialists who can help socialization, self-regulation and feelings of acceptance and worth.

These experiences will promote practical experiences and skills in real-time.

Feedback from our groups have been awesome! Often children remark that this is their “happy place”.

Starting Tuesday February 7th, 2017, 6:00-7:00pm

Please call us for fees and to discuss suitability.



Opportunity for Kids & Tweens!!

Homework Hangout!!

Tuesdays 3-6pm, starting Feb 7th, 2017

Call us for fees and suitability- limited spots, must come with homework and be able to work in small groups.


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Turning Behaviour Around ~

Why on some days children walk through the door at FERN and we know intuitively and instantly how our session is going to run? Part of the reason is that we have become energy readers, understanding what a “collective calm” means, understanding how others are reading us.  Sounds funny, but it’s true. True to […]

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Being a part of the Building Relationships program has been the most fun and humbling experience. To get to know these kids through their interactions with myself, each other, and the arts has been a gift. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two amazing groups of children.

I could tell […]

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Beeswax, Baking & Beauty…Oh My!

Have you ever been to Cedar Valley?

It’s a wonderful community tucked away between the trees north of  Stouffville and it’s where I found myself with long time FERN member Jennie M. last week. We were on our way to visit the Holy Theotokos Convent where preparations were well underway for their Holiday Season Sale. […]

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At FERN  we strive to meet our community’s needs. Collecting data and looking for direction is important to us. “FAMILY TALKS” is a monthly support group for our parents. In November we examined IEP more closely with a past member of the TCDSB. Below you will find the results of our survey:

“FAMILY TALKS” Survey […]

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