Family Talks (FT) @ FERN – July 14th Minutes

THURSDAY JULY 14TH, 2016 @ 7:00pm

Dr Laura introduces group to “FT” & Kay Goodnough as FERN Parent Liaison -Kay speaks about shared experiences & FERN as a home.
Kay’s daughter speaks about her experiences at FERN and support she gets
Dr Laura asks group to put ideas on post it notes: Self – […]

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Many requests are coming for our Fall Program. We are in meetings all week with families. We start FALL SERVICES on September 21st. Check back as we add new programs such as HOMEWORK CLUB & ART. Please call us if you are interested in our Reading Program or Academic Foundations program as the schedule […]

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We are in our second year of programs, workshops and drop-ins. It has been a year of learning and listening. One thing we know for sure is that our members are extremely committed to finding the best support and services for their children. We have invited our members to talk and engage. One program […]

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