FERN provides affordable professional counseling services to individuals,  families and groups in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.  Our team includes professionals with behaviour training, teachers, advocates and doctoral level staff.  All sessions are supervised by a clinician (Ph.D) registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and Certified in Parent Management Training, Kazdin Method.


Parent Management Training – this is a 10-12 week session treatment. You will learn:

  • How to give directions effectively
  • What positive reinforcement is and how to use it
  • How to develop your own reinforcement plans
  • Mild punishment; what place does it have it have in developing appropriate behaviors, if any
  • How to decrease annoying, irritating behaviors
  • How to address and improve behavioral issues using Collaborative Problem Solving, The Kazdin Method, The Shanker Method

Behaviour Management – general principles of behaviour and psychological theory. You will learn:

  • To increase knowledge of and skills in using positive discipline strategies.
  • To increase knowledge of and skills to engage effective communication practices.
  • To increase knowledge of and skills to develop positive self esteem and emotion regulation for yourself and your child/teen.
  • To promote positive self care practices.
  • ABA principles and how to support skill development (e.g. using proactive interventions, motivational operations, shaping, prompting, reinforcement, task analysis)

Problem-Solving, Self-Regulation – How to Teach Your Child to Problem Solve and Regulate Emotions. You will learn:

  • Self-Regulation- The Shanker Method
  • Strategies to engage young learners in social problem-solving
  • Collaborative Problem Solving and Social Thinking Techniques
  • Social-Emotional Learning

School Advocacy Sessions:

  •  IEP review and consultation
  •  school file review
  • school goals, aims and priorities; how to target and scaffold skills
  • curriculum consultation for homeschoolers

Bring a Parent Advocate to School:

  • FERN members can access our Parent Advocates
  • Parent Advocates are highly experienced and have a special needs child
  • Parent Advocates will attend school meetings with you

Counseling and Consulting related to your special needs child, home issues and challenges. Including:

  • homework battles
  • parent self-regulation; child self-regulation (mood, tension, energy-The Shanker Method)
  • toilet training
  • stress behaviours (defiance, outbursts, meltdowns, tantrums, oppositional behaviours)
  • sleep issues
  • issues related to specific disabilities (e.g. attention and control, organization, executive function)
  • parenting your anxious child


Fees are affordable and substantially reduced from 1:1 private counseling sessions.  We do have a sliding scale and families can request FERN Therapy Funds application at time of intake if required.  Some families may apply for other Funding options (e.g. President Choice Charity).  Some employee benefits may cover the cost of sessions. FERN is committed to ensuring that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay for service.


Please book your appointment through FERN: fernyorkregion@gmail.com or by calling 905-927-9276. We will require a brief intake interview by phone prior to your session. Typically families can expect an appointment within 2 weeks.

All sessions are in FERN’s office: 10761Victoria Square Blvd.( formerly Woodbine Avenue), Suite 201.