FERN supports and promotes the power of relationships, community and mindfulness through holistic programs. We value the mind-body connection.  We will continue to provide opportunities that teach children skills for self-regulation.  We are committed to support friendships and feelings of warmth and acceptance. We believe that these are vital prevention components needed in all our lives.

claySummer – 2015 “Art Expressions with Kim” Kim is an Art therapist who comes to us with a wealth of experience. We are so pleased to be partnering with Kim.  At FERN, we believe that creative energy grows when children are given opportunity, time, and a variety of experiences. Art exploration can be a safe and comforting place, away from the daily stresses of school and demands. Creative exploration is especially important for those whose days may be overscheduled, or short on individual self expression and choice. Please see NEWS & EVENTS for more information about this program.

In the past, we have provided wonderful programs such as our Social Thinking Group, SHINE (a girls friendship group) and other holistic classes (yoga, art, music).


We are committed to involve professionals and experts in the field of mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation to support additional programming.

Please be in touch if you would like to support our programs.


Yoga with our fabulous community of girls!

Exploring materials

Exploring with different materials

Beautifully crafted Rain Sticks.

Beautifully crafted Rain Sticks.


FERN’s Art Teacher


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